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Bespoke Software Development

The business world is constantly changing, so it makes sense to have software that can adapt to meet your specific needs. A bespoke solution can do just that. You won't have to work around the constraints imposed by an off-the-shelf application. Custom software can be made to perform tasks other systems cannot do. This can give you a competitive advantage.

Return on Your Investment ROI

Surely an off-the-shelf package is going to be much cheaper than building a bespoke system? Well, you have to consider some of the hidden costs of buying off-the-shelf such as implementation, training, system customisation, maintenance, support and annual license fees. The costs of seemingly cheap software can quickly spiral. On the other hand, a bespoke system is your property. You can choose to license your software, for example, and transform it into a new revenue stream. Having software that works the way you work can be invaluable; making you more efficient, productive, responsive, collaborative and profitable.

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Flexibility and Control

It can be difficult to get off-the-shelf vendors to change their applications. Conversely, sometimes they radically alter an application removing key features and functionality you rely upon. Using our agile methodology, a custom-built software solution gives you complete control over changes and upgrades. As a Swiftpro customer you will have a dedicated, skilled team of IT professionals focused on bringing your software to life.

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Five great reasons for working with Swiftpro Digital for all your Bespoke Software Developments.
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Start with a solid Foundation

The first step to successful software development is doing your homework and having a solid plan. Swiftpro Digital offers you a complete software consultancy service. Our highly experienced team of IT consultants, business analysts and project managers can help you make those critically important business decisions such as do you buy an off-the-shelf software package or build your own bespoke application.

The Swiftpro Digital consulting team will ensure your IT project is feasible, complete a detailed requirements study, design a bespoke software solution and create a realistic development plan. Our IT consultants can also help get wayward projects back on track and budgets under control.

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Global Development Resources and Partners

REWRITE.. Just like when you are looking to recruit a new member of staff, it pays to know what you want from offshore software development. Are you looking for the best ASP .NET developers or the cheapest price? Be clear and realistic about your business objectives before you engage anyone. At Swiftpro Digital we offer a hybrid offshore development solution. What does that mean? Well, you receive all the cost benefits of offshore development with onshore consultants, software architects and project management. Naturally, we approach each project individually and assign skills and resources according to your specific needs.

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Quality Assurance and Testing

We believe that the quality of our software is a group responsibility. That's why we include everyone as early as possible in the project lifecycle. As a general rule, we test early and often to identify bugs the moment they arise. The sooner we can identify an issue the easier it is to find a solution. Bugs that are found and fixed early are less costly to address. Besides frequent testing at different stages of development, we assigned a Quality Assurance Engineer to monitor the entire project from start to finish. Our rigorous commitment to quality standards is one of the reasons clients choose us.

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Support and Maintenance

The temporary loss of business critical systems can cost you considerably more than money. That's why Swiftpro offers you a range of IT support and maintenance services that keep downtime to a minimum and ensure your systems are always working at peak performance.

We are able to offer you first to third line support for our own bespoke software, internal applications, third party packages and ongoing project work.

Our custom support services can be provided from the UK, USA, Australia and offshore centres, depending on your requirements, budget and time zones.