Swiftpro Auriga for Seamless Remote Access

Superior remote access software for friction free remote user experiences, anytime, anywhere. Full set of features for dedicated IT support staff yet so easy to setup that anyone can use it.

Swiftpro Auriga Remote Access Multiple Monitors

Support for Multiple Monitors

Swiftpro Auriga, remote access software, lets users easily access multiple monitors on remote computer's desktop.

swiftpro auriga remote access unattended

Unattended Access

Users can securely authenticate and activate unattended access mode.

swiftpro auriga remote access extensive

Extensive Settings

Configure Swiftpro Auriga, remote access software, to suit your personal or team requirements.

swiftpro auriga remote access policy

Policy Management

Effortlessly manage organizational policies and securely pre-configure user access profiles.

swiftpro auriga remote access filetransfer

File Transfer & Chat

Manage your files, transfer data and collaborate through the chat function seamlessly within the secure Swiftpro Auriga platform.

swiftpro auriga remote access hostmanager

Hosts Manager

Allows support teams to set up meaningful user segments to enable efficient user account management.

swiftpro auriga remote access cost effective

Cost Effective

Our highly optimized operational footprint allows for affordable pricing at a fraction of our competition.

swiftpro auriga remote access fast

Fast & Reliable

Consistent high-quality performance and fast remote communication that you can trust.

swiftpro auriga remote access secure


World class security encryption protocols ensuring that your sensitive information is fully secure.

Enjoy affordable straight forward pricing!

Free for Occasional Use

Enjoy 5 FREE sessions each month, for personal or commercial use.

Remaining free session count clearly displayed on your dashboard.

1 Client Licence

Just £95/year or £9.50/month. This single client license features unlimited sessions and can be installed on unlimited hosts. Popular with solo IT support desks.

10 Client Licence Pack

Great value 10 Client licence bundle. Just £495/year or £49.50/month for up to 10 Client licences, each with unlimited sessions and can be installed on unlimited hosts. Popular with IT Support Depts.

Loved by technical support staff. Endless possibilities.
Remote Access Software Case1

David M

Legal Software House. Customer Helpdesk Manager

I manage a customer helpdesk in a business supplying legal software applications. Swiftpro Auriga's end to end encryption security feature was critical to us as our clients deal with highly sensitive and litigious personal data that must be protected. The 10 license package is fantastic for our business as we can move from our regular three support staff to eight staff supplemented by developers at peak times without worrying about number of sessions needed. Highly recommend.

Remote Access Software Case2

Hannah V

Design Studio Creative Manager

Running a design studio with remote regional offices comes with unique challenges, least of all is the pain of trying to review my team's work remotely on multiple monitors. The monitor switch function on Auriga's remote desktop tool bar is just the best thing the people at Swiftpro could have ever come up with in my opinion! I can quickly review client work without having to get my staff to move work around to the primary monitor to facilitate my remote review. And even though we work with large design files the remote connectivity speeds we get are just incredible. Totally amazing product that we now can't live without. Well done team. Definitely recommend checking it out.

Remote Access Software Case3

Chris P

College IT Manager

I manage over 2,000 hosts and 6 support staff at a College. The policy manager feature in Auriga has been a lifesaver for me and my team. We can now quite easily pre-configure access protocols and user settings on all our host computers ensuring students, tutors, admin and technical staff can only access functionality that is necessary. Every little bit counts when dealing a large volume of hosts. Auriga's file transfer and chat features are also increasingly popular with our team because it's just so much easier and quicker to copy and view files to and from host machines. We're all very excited with our switchover to Auriga.

Remote Access Software Case4

Maria S

Executive Assistant

As an Executive Assistant I need to be able to access my office desktop from home. This was a very painful endeavour before Swiftpro Auriga. Now all I need to do is enable my unattended access mode in Auriga, and I don't have to fiddle around with launching Auriga before I leave the office, it's all securely set up for me. I simply log out and switch off my monitor and jump on from home anytime I need to. Love it!