Download Swiftpro Auriga

It's totally free for occasional personal and business use for up to five sessions a month and highly cost effective for dedicated users thereafter.

You can download the latest version of Swiftpro Auriga by clicking the download button below, free for up to five sessions a month.

Connect and share your desktop remotely using Auriga in just a few short clicks. This is the official Swiftpro Auriga application for Windows. It is safe and extremely easy to use.

Remember that in order to enjoy remote desktop sharing using Auriga, both user machines will need to download Auriga for the two computers to talk to each other securely.

Remote Access Software Screenshot

Download Instructions

1) Click the Download button above to download the application onto your computer.

2) The setup file will automatically save to your computer as SPAurigaSetup.exe.

3) The downloaded file will generally pop up at the bottom of your screen. If it doesn't, you can easily locate the SPAurigaSetup.exe file by checking your Downloads Folder.

4) Double click the SPAurigaSetup.exe file and run the installation process which should not take more than 90 seconds to complete.

5) If you get a windows smart screen warning, click the more info button and then click the "Run Anyway" option to install safely.

6) A dialog box will appear, follow the instructions to install the application.

7) After successfully installing the application, follow the on-screen instructions to set up the application.

8) If the installed application does not automatically open, locate the Auriga desktop icon and open the application from there.

Thank you for choosing Auriga!