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Our highly optimized operational footprint allows for affordable pricing at a fraction of our competition.

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Why Swiftpro Auriga for remote access?

Usability and design

Designed to be intuitively user friendly and highly responsive. Enjoy real time fast remote access that is easy to setup and manage. Built to be customizable to each user's needs.

Strong security

Robust security features including unique device authentication, multi factor authentication and access log history supported by end to end secure encryption.

Flexible deployment and capacity

Great for business and personal use with an easy to follow user centric interface. It can be easily deployed in a small business setting as well as handle the needs of a large corporation with thousands of host machines.

Remote access benefits

Allows you to quickly troubleshoot and resolve system downtime. Enables you to easily monitor and maintain devices connected to your network. Gives you secure access to files and records on connected remote devices.