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Swiftpro Auriga v2a now better than ever. Feature rich, free remote access and remote control platform. Try it now. No credit cards or registration required.

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Swiftpro Auriga

Swiftpro Auriga provides a cost effective remote access software solution to meeting the needs of IT support professionals and managers who need to work closely with remote staff. Feature rich and yet costing less than 10% of the cost of similar remote pc desktop access software solutions for dedicated users and free for occasional users, be they consumers or business.
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Swiftpro Digital

Every business is different. That's why at Swiftpro Digital we build custom software solutions that work the way you work. Our unique software solutions are designed to make you a more productive, more responsive and a more profitable organisation. Swiftpro Digital has a proven track record of building software solutions for government, higher education, recruitment and energy while our IT consultants have extensive experience within banking, finance, insurance and mining.
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Find out why Swiftpro Auriga is the best choice for working with remote computers.
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Free for occasional usage and fantastical low process for dedicated users
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